Student and Parent Handbook

Beacon Hill Elementary School


29 Brookstone Drive

Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 0M1

Phone: (403) 887-8455


Chinook’s Edge School Division #73

4904-50 Street

Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1W4

Phone: 227-7070 or 1-800-561-9229   


School Staff 2019-2020

Principal:                                                       Mr. Trevor Sanche

Vice Principal/Inclusion Coordinator:        Ms. Suzanne Thibault


Administrative Assistants:                          Mrs. Adrienne Booth & Mrs. Cherilyn Michaylow


Kindergarten:                                                Ms. Jeanne Rasmussen



Grade 1:                                                        Mrs. Alicia Diachuk

                                                                      Mrs. Lorianne Byblow

                                                                      Ms. Willa Wanke


Grade 2:                                                       Mrs. Michelle Pengelly

                                                                     Miss Brooklyn Soley

                                                                     Mrs. Michelle Jacobs


Grade 3:                                                      Mrs. Pat Burkin

                                                                     Mrs. Tammy Burton


Grade 4:                                                      Mrs. Sheri Christoffersen

                                                                     Mrs. Debbie McKinlay


Grade 5:                                                      Mrs. Danielle Rambaut

                                                                    Ms. Amy Bouwman


Grade 6:                                                      Mr. Kevin Pizzey

                                                                    Mr. Justin Bander


Music:                                                          Mrs. Kim Niemela     


Educational Assistants:                            Mrs. Andrea Gulayets              Mrs. Jenny Braitenback

                                                                     Mrs. Jacquie Lapointe             Mrs. Susan Foulds

                                                                     Mrs. Shawna Eleniak              Mrs. Karin Deschamps

                                                                     Mrs. Mandi Hyatt                     Mrs. Jocelyn Huskins

                                                                     Mrs. Linsday Haugan (Library Tech)

                                                                     Mrs. Christine Ginter (Early Literacy)          


Family School Wellness:                          Mrs. Melissa Frank-Douglas


Custodial Staff:                                          Mrs. Karen Horn & Mr. Ben Carter                                      



BHES School Routines and Expectations


Accident or Illness

In the event of an accident or illness at school, parents or emergency contacts will be notified. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide emergency contacts.


Agenda (Communication) Bags

We encourage all K-2 students to purchase an agenda bag. These are purchased from the school at a cost. It’s a great tool for students to transport their materials between home and school.


Attendance Policy

According to the Alberta School Act, students are expected to attend school regularly and punctually. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child follows these policies. Please inform teachers and/or office staff if your child will be away from school. Also, please ensure your child is on time for school.

The bell to enter the school rings at 8:32 am. Classes begin at 8:40 am


Bell Times and Security

Our morning bell rings at 8:32. This is when designated student doors open and students can enter the school. The front door will open at 8:00. Only kindergarten students and those students who are late for school use the front doors.

Bell Time:      Doors open –      8:32

                        School begins – 8:40

                        Lunch break -   12:15-12:55

                        End of day -      3:05

Security (Doors)

                        The front doors will be open from 8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.

                        All other doors will open at 8:32, every recess break and at 3:05.

                        All but the front doors, will lock 5 minutes after recess ends.


Bus Transportation

Transportation -  Phone:  1-800-561-9229 or (403) 227-7067.

Please notify the bus driver in advance if your child will not be riding the bus home from school. Communication between parents, the bus driver and the school is very important. Students are required to follow the Chinook’s Edge School Division #73 policy regarding bus conduct, which is available at the office. Students must ride their assigned bus only.


Courtesy Phone

A courtesy phone is located in the school’s main office. Students must have permission from the Administration Office personnel to use this phone during school hours and after school. They should have all after school plans arranged prior to coming to school in the morning. The courtesy phone is for unforeseen situations. Messages from parents during school hours will be given to the student’s teacher to give to your child immediately.


Damaged Property

For safety reasons, accidental property damage should be reported by students to teachers or the office for repairs. Vandalism of school property will be charged to the students responsible. Damaged or lost library books and textbooks are the student’s responsibility to replace.


Field Trips

Field trips scheduled throughout the year can be a valuable and enriching educational experience for students. All field trips are pre-approved by the principal and consent is needed by parents or guardians. Parents are encouraged to assist in supervision whenever possible. These opportunities will be at the request of the teacher(s). A Criminal Record check and a Child Intervention check must to completed in order to help supervise during all school activities.


Fire and Emergency Regulations

Fire drill and emergency procedures are posted in each classroom and are reviewed with students. Fire, tornado and lockdown drills are held throughout the year to practice these procedures to help staff and students learn the applicable evacuation routes and processes.



Suitable footwear should be worn according to weather conditions. Outdoor footwear should be removed and placed on boot racks in their assigned boot room. Indoor shoes should be worn at all times inside the school building. Non-marking running shoes are best for use in the gymnasium and halls.



Note: our lunch break time is 12:15 to 12:55.

Please remember that BHES is a Nut and Peanut Free school.

Students may bring their lunch to school each day.  In order to make eating lunch at school a positive experience for all, students are required to follow these rules:

  • keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself;
  • stay in your desk;
  • use an inside voice;
  • place your garbage in the garbage can and clean your space

Students who choose not to follow these rules also choose not to have the privilege of eating in their classroom or at school.  Parents will be informed that poor lunchtime choices are being made before a student is required to eat at home. 

In order to ensure the safety of our students, we ask that students who regularly stay for lunch bring a note if they are to go home for lunch.

Students will not have access to microwaves.


Library Services

Students may browse through the shelves, sit and read in the reading areas or familiarize themselves with the library computer programs. Our library technician provides support to students in many ways, such as assistance in research projects and book exchanges.

Annual book fairs and author visits help to make the library a favorite place within the school.


Lockers and Classroom Cubbies

Grade K-6 students will be assigned a locker by their homeroom teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to see that his/her locker is kept clean and neat. If a student in grades 4-6 chooses to bring an electronic device to school, a lock must be used to secure their locker, as devices will be stored in the locker.  Please use school combination locks only. Locks will be made available to students, from the office, at a cost of $5.00/year. Replacement locks will be made available at a cost of $5.00 if they are lost. Any locks that break will simply be replaced.


Lost and Found

Students and/or parents are encouraged to check the lost and found boxes often. Lost items will be on display periodically throughout the school year. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity.


Medical Information

It is extremely important that the school be advised of pertinent medical information concerning students. The appropriate adults also need to be informed if there are any changes to a child’s medical profile.

School Board policy requires that no medication be administered to students unless a parent or guardian has filled out a Chinook’s Edge School Division #73 form requesting medication be given. These forms are made available in our BHES office.


Newsletters and Weekly Updates of Events

A school newsletter and calendar of upcoming events will be sent home at the beginning of each month. The newsletters help to keep parents informed and enable them to plan family activities around school events. Newsletters can be accessed on our school website ( as well.

Weekly updates of the next week’s events will be sent by Messenger to parents each Thursday.


Online Payment and Online Field Trip Consent Forms

At Beacon Hill our goal is to have 100% of payments paid online through the Parent Portal. Access to our online payment is available on our school website (

Our Beacon Hill field trip consent forms are now completed online. This link is also be found on our Beacon Hill School website.


Out of Bounds Areas to Students

In order to ensure the safety of all students, going off school property is considered out of bounds, dangerous and certainly against school rules. Students, who normally stay for lunch, must have a note from their parents/guardians, if they are going off the premises at lunchtime and must check out at the office before leaving the school.


Parent Volunteers

There are a number of important tasks parents can perform in order to assist the efficient operation or our educational programs. Please talk to your child’s homeroom teacher about getting involved.  We are always interested in having parents help with our Early Literacy Intervention program. Please keep in mind that all school volunteers must have their Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check completed.


Progress Reports and Parent/Teacher Conferences

Progress reports (report cards) are issued three times throughout the school year.   These will be issued in November, March and the last day of school in June. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled in November and in March. All parents are invited to attend the November and March interviews. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher(s) at any time throughout the year if/when concerns arise or progress information is desired.


School Year Calendar

A school calendar will be sent home and is accessible on our school webpage ( The school calendar highlights the days of operation, holidays, most special days and other important events.


School Council (Parent Advisory Council)

We encourage all parents to attend the monthly school council meetings. Among other things, many issues are discussed at the school council meetings and your input into these very important decisions is needed and welcomed.


School Upkeep

Students are encouraged to keep the school building and grounds clean and neat as possible. Instilling pride in students is one of the school goals and keeping the school neat and clean involves a team effort.


Smoke Free Space

Smoking is not permitted in the building or anywhere on school grounds. Chinook’s Edge School Division #73 policy has designated all school property as a non-smoking area.


Student Dress Code

With the warmer weather in the spring and fall, and the beautiful sunny days, it is important to think about our school dress code. Please keep the following in mind:

  • When wearing shorts, they should be an appropriate length – reaching mid-thigh.
  • When wearing shirts/blouses, they should be an appropriate length and appropriate material – covering to the waist line and not see through or mesh.
  • When wearing shirts/blouses, they should cover sufficiently – bra straps should not be showing and shoulder straps should be a reasonable width (four finger rule).
  • Slogans and logos – clothing should not have or represent inappropriate slogans or logos, which would include but not be limited to: alcohol and drugs, obscenities, nudity, discriminatory or anything negative or offensive.


Collaboration & Professional Development Days

Staff collaboration and professional development days are scheduled throughout the year. Students do not attend school on these days. (See school calendar for dates)


 Student Supervision

School supervision begins at 8:20a.m. each day. Students should not be dropped off before 8:20a.m. as there is no supervision outside of the school. Also, there is only supervision outside of the school after school until 3:20p.m. We insist that all students go directly home before returning to the school to play on our play structure.

Cell Phones and Electronic Device Policy

Cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be used on school property and should be locked in school lockers during the school day.  If students or parents need to contact each other during the day, this can be done through the school phone front office:        (403) 887-8455.  Teachers may encourage the use of devices for specific learning experiences, which will be determined by the teacher.  Devices and cell phones must be locked in a locker when not being used in the classroom. There is no need for our kindergarten to grade three students to bring a device or cell phone to school. They will not be used in the classroom and these students do not have the option to put a lock on their locker or cubby.

Many devices today are equipped with cameras and video cameras. It is strictly against the school’s rules and the law to take pictures and video of unwilling or unknowing students. Devices are not allowed outside at recess.


Visitors to the School

Visitors are welcome at our school, especially when such a visit is associated with the educational enhancement of students. For the protection of our students, all visitors are asked to sign in at the office.


Student Absences

We would appreciate a phone call to the office when your child is absent. If we do not receive a notification of absence, a call home will occur that will inform parents/guardians of the absence.

Parent Questions and Concerns

Parents are asked to telephone their child’s teacher, the principal (Mr. Sanche), or the vice-principal (Ms. Thibault), any time they have a question or concern. The school phone number is (403) 887-8455.