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Literacy Read-a-thon

Beacon Hill Literacy Read-a-Thon

We are excited to once again hold our BHES Literacy Read-a-Thon. The best part about this fundraiser is that 100% of the money pledged will be used at BHES to support school and student needs! All of our students will be expected to participate in the reading component of the event and we encourage as many students as possible to engage in the fundraiser component as well. Students will be eligible to have their name drawn for a variety of PRIZES throughout the event, regardless of the amount of pledges that they have received.

Here’s how it works:

1) Teachers will help individual students to set a Realistic Daily Reading Goal for the Literacy Read-a-Thon. Student goals will include reading/literacy practice and a specified length of time that they are expected to read. Goal setting will look quite different from grade to grade. All forms of reading will count. This will include, but not be limited to: letter recognition practice, sounds and blends practice, sight words practice, reading, listening to reading, discussing and reflecting on their reading and writing about what they have read.
2) Sponsor a Student: Students will begin collecting pledges immediately. Your child will ask people to sponsor them by pledging to pay for each day that he/she achieves their daily reading goal. Sponsors also have the option to simply pledge a flat amount for the duration of the event. Relatives, friends and neighbours all make great sponsors. We do not advise that students go door to door looking for sponsorship. Donations are not tax deductible. Also, donations must be in a cash form. Beacon Hill Elementary School does not accept personal cheques.
3) Reading and Literacy Practice: On April 1, 2020, your child will begin reading.
For four weeks (April 1 - April 29), your child will record their daily reading using a Reading Log that is provided as part of this package. We ask that Parents/Guardians verify each day’s reading by initialing or signing on the corresponding line.
4) Completed Packet returned to the School: By April 30, your child should tally up the Total Days Read and return the Reading Log, Pledge Form, and Money that has been collected to their homeroom teacher. Important: This needs to be completed and returned to the school by Thursday, April 30 to be eligible for prizes.
5) Read-a-thon Assembly: On May 8 at 2 pm, there will be an assembly to award the reading prizes and celebrate the accomplishments of our students! Please feel free to join us for this time of fun and triumph!